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What Happened to Big Chief on ‘Street Outlaws’?

In the fast-paced world of reality television, where adrenaline-fueled racing meets intense personal dynamics, Street Outlaws has long been a staple. Among the show’s most prominent figures was Justin “Big Chief” Shearer, a street racing legend whose departure in March 2022 left fans and the racing community in shock. This article aims to uncover the details surrounding Big Chief’s exit from Street Outlaws, exploring the intricacies of his decision and the impact on both the show and its dedicated fan base.


Big Chief’s journey on Street Outlaws was marked by his undeniable prowess as a street racer, propelling him to the forefront of the show. His rise to fame within the racing community, coupled with his charismatic on-screen presence, solidified his status as a fan favorite. However, the road to his departure had its bumps, with prior controversies and issues potentially paving the way for the momentous decision.

Big Chief’s Reasons for Leaving

In a revealing video shared on his YouTube channel, Big Chief laid bare the reasons behind his departure. Central to his decision was a fundamental disagreement with the show’s production team. His vision for Street Outlaws was grounded in the raw, unfiltered essence of street racing, and he expressed a strong preference for the show to stay as “street as possible.” The crux of his discomfort stemmed from having to enforce rules that, in his opinion, didn’t align with the best interests of the racing community.

Disagreements with Production

Big Chief’s discontent with production extended beyond the imposition of rules. He alluded to a discomfort with the dramatization of conflicts between him and other cast members. This discontent points to the perennial struggle within reality television between authenticity and the demands of production. The tension between maintaining the genuine, gritty nature of street racing and the inherently staged elements of reality TV likely played a significant role in his departure.

The Future for Big Chief

As Big Chief bids farewell to Street Outlaws, the natural question arises: what lies ahead for the seasoned racer? While specifics regarding his future endeavors remain somewhat elusive, the racing community is abuzz with speculation. Whether he chooses to focus on his racing career, explore new ventures, or delve into other aspects of the automotive world, Big Chief’s journey post-Street Outlaws is poised to be closely watched by fans and industry enthusiasts alike.

Reactions from Cast and Crew

The departure of a central figure like Big Chief inevitably prompted responses from other Street Outlaws cast members and the production team. While official statements may be carefully curated, hints of the impact on personal dynamics and behind-the-scenes relationships have surfaced. The nuances of these reactions offer a glimpse into the intricate web of relationships that underpin reality television production.


In the ever-evolving landscape of reality television, the departure of Big Chief from Street Outlaws marks a significant chapter. His decision to part ways with the show, driven by a commitment to preserving the authenticity of street racing, raises broader questions about the delicate balance between real-life passion and the scripted nature of reality TV. As fans await updates on Big Chief’s post-Street Outlaws journey, the repercussions of his exit will undoubtedly linger, shaping the future trajectory of both the show and the racing community he has long been an integral part of.

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