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What Happened To Cam Newton? Will He Rise Again or Fade Away?

Cam Newton had been motivating fans and giving legendary performances for more than a decade before he disappeared from the NFL. The footballer was the face of the Carolina Panthers, starting his journey in the year 2011. 

It was only recently, in 2020, that his stepping back caused a huge stir among football fans, including many who loved and hated this decision. After all, it was publicly known that Newton had switched teams that year and played with the New England Patriots that year. 

Life and Career of Cam Newton

Cam Newton completed his High school from Westlake High School in Atlanta. Even back then, he was playing with gusto and had a reputation of being ranked the No. 2 dual-threat quarterback in the nation. 

He received several scholarships going forward for his college and chose the University of Florida in the end. Here, he was a member of the Florida Gators football team until 2008, when he was arrested for felony charges of burglary. Newton also played with Auburn University in the 2010 season and was then finally chosen in 2011 as the first overall with the Carolina Panthers. 

Newton has the record of being the leader in quarterback rushing touchdowns and the first runner-up in quarterback rushing yards. 

Where Is He Now?

Even after Newton made the big decision to play for another team, the Carolina Panthers had an open mind about it and invited him to start his games with them again. Cam, however, had to sit back in 2019 because of his serious injury from the game.

 Plus, with the Patriots, Cam made one of the least exceptional games of his career with only 2657 yards and 8 touchdowns to his name that year. In the coming season of 2021, the Patriots replaced Newton with Mac Jones. So, Newton took the Panthers’s offer up after the leading QB Sam Darnold, received a shoulder injury in the middle of the season. Once again, his performance in 2021 could have been better.

What Can We Expect Next In His Career?

Predictions of the performances and skills of Cam Newton are flying free. The list of rosters given by NFL teams this year does not have Newton’s name in them – not even a single one. 

Panthers will probably be assigning QB Baker Mayfield as their starring player. Panthers’ fans have been cheering for many suitable alternatives like Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, etc. 

Cam Newton fans, however, are highly disappointed. Many who had been watching the games closely reported that Newton had had little to work with both years and gave his all to every performance. On the other hand, many fans recognize the change in his skills and have raised concerns about the extent to which his injuries might have changed his game. 

Many want to know how well he is taking care of himself, and others want to know what is up next for him.

Some are saying Cam Newton’s career is over. But that’s far from true. Newton will continue his journey as an NFL player and enjoy newer opportunities. He believes he can beat most players as a performer and a decision-maker – he is still easily one of the top individuals in the industry today.


There is no end to the number of speculations and opinions formed about Newton’s last two seasons. We all hope that as one of the most legendary players in the history of NFL games, Newton will soon be able to address any issues he might have and impress both the teams and the fans with an unprecedented comeback.


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