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What Happened to Corpse Husband: Unraveling the Mystery Behind His Mysterious Disappearance

There is a class of YouTubers that will go down in virtual history for their unique and remarkable career – the Corpse Husband is one of them. 

Throughout his career, the Corpse has been known for two substantial things – he loved the dark, flashy, and mysterious and never revealed his face online!

Corpse used to be a famous musician and online content creator who suddenly stopped releasing his work. While his older content continues to generate views, it’s been almost a year since he returned to his channel. But why? Fans asked this question for a long time, and finally, we have the answers. 

Who Is Corpse Husband?

Corpse Husband, or CORPSE, is a faceless YouTuber and musician born on 8th August 1997. That makes him 26 years old at present. He narrates horror stories, makes music, and became known as an Among Us streamer during the COVID-19 wave. 

One of his popular tracks, which was also one of his first, was produced under the title “Grim Grinning Ghost” by producer The Living Tombstone. Corpse Husband began his career sharing audio stories and became famous for his deep, attractive voice. It was later revealed to fans that he has several throat-related conditions that have caused his voice to become deeper – these include grave issues like thoracic outlet syndrome and GERD. 

His Avatar is an anime-art-inspired logo that shows the face of a boy merging with the pupil-ridden, half-eaten face of a corpse. Corpse Husband has 7.49 million followers on his YouTube channel, and his work has generated 317 million views. 

Did Corpse Husband Reveal His Face?

Corpse is one of the most popular YouTubers online who has become the idol and heartthrob for thousands of viewers. You don’t see his cheerful, creative, yet dark personality daily. The fact that Corpse did not show his face added to the air of mystery and gave him the privacy he needed. In 2021, Corpse Husband did release some face pics where his features were covered by his hand, but you could still see his hair and jawline. This in itself caused a magic uproar in the community.

In the same year, a Twitter user @Reptile_Penguin shared an image of a person and titled it as ‘Corpse Husband’. It initially seemed a joke, as the person involved in the unflattering candid had a vast side parting and did not look like he was posing for a picture. But the post provoked many encouraging and demeaning responses towards Nog and even the Corpse Husband himself. 

Why Did Corpse Husband Stop Streaming Online?

While it is unknown why Corpse Husband stopped creating content on YouTube, many fans speculate that the face reveal controversy was so huge that it caused genuine safety concerns for Corpse. Many fans pressured him to Livestream and clear all doubts, which was against his wishes.

Another group of fans believe Corpse Husband has already planned to divert his resources towards his music career. From 2021 to 2023, Corpse has continued to release singles like Miss You! And Hot Demon B!tches Near U!!! The most recent news about CORPSE was released when Funimation confirmed his debut as a voice actor in the English dub of Kazutaka Kodaka’s Tribe Nine. 

Looking Into The Future…

According to some fans, it is unclear and unlikely that Corpse Husband will return to his YouTube channel anytime soon. However, there will be many other ways of listening to his unique voice.

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