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What Happened to Gloom: A Tale of Resilience and Relief

Kassie, the creator of the YouTube persona CloudApples that she later changed to Gloom @gloomyKassie, has been an idol for children, teenagers, and young adults for her fantastic presence and unique work in the form of skits, life hack videos, and streaming games online. 

She is described as a ‘cool’ and ‘fun’ creator with a unique sense of style and creates lifestyle videos that have made rounds on the internet many times. Kassima Isabella also makes hilarious cooking videos under her alias ‘Kartha Gewart .’This is a combination of the internet celebrity Martha Stewart’s name with the initials of her real name and her internet name ‘Gloom.’

The Life and Career Of Kassima Isabella 

Many fans do not know that Kassie started her YouTube journey as a lifestyle channel under the name CloudyApples as early as 2011. Her first hiatus was when she went on a two-year break and returned in 2013, deleting all her earlier videos and starting on a fresh page. 

Before this, she completed her university degree with much difficulty and has revealed to her fans that she was severely depressed and had to live on antidepressants and combat suicidal ideation at the same time.

Gloom has had a rather complex life growing up in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. She was bullied in primary school for bearing an Asian resemblance. Her family issues and party from her best friend made her middle school years just as tough. But her high school was perhaps the worst, and she has described them to be ‘nightmares.’ This is the time when she was first diagnosed with clinical depression, as was her sister.

Kassie also created a second channel known as “GloomGames” in 2015, which is dedicated to gaming and streaming. The online name “Gloom” is believed to have come from a Pokemon of the same title, but this has not been confirmed. Kassie has collaborated with Azzyland, Kubz Scouts, and even Shakira. 

Rumors Of Death: Does Gloom Have Cancer?

Around June 2022, rumors began to circulate on the Internet that Gloom had cancer, which had either made it impossible for her to create content or had caused her demise. But this is not true. Gloom went on a break in January of 2022 and later clarified in her “Signing Off” video that she did not have cancer and was in perfect health.

Where did these rumors come from? While Gloom did not have cancer, she did recently get a big scare. Gloom disclosed to her fans that she recently discovered a lump in her chest, which she thought to be similar to a breast cancer growth. 

However, this alarm turned out to be false, and the lump was simply a benign cyst. At a personal level, the YouTube sensation has suffered many unhappy instances with death and grieving. Her youngest sister committed suicide at the age of 21 in 2013. Many members of her family have had cancer in one way or the other, with her own aunt Kassima – with whom Gloom shares her name – also died because of the same condition. Additionally, her 16-year-old dog only recently passed away in December of 2020.

When Will Gloom Be Back?

Owing to her past experiences, this health discovery was very disarming for Kassie. 

As she said in her last video on YouTube, she had already been struggling to keep up with her content creation and did not feel motivated anymore; the stress of this incident was the last nail in the coffin that made her decide to take a break and heal her condition. Kassie has clarified again and again that she is taking a break for the sake of her mental health and not because something is wrong with her physical well-being.

As of now, we are still determining if Gloom will ever start creating content on YouTube or move on to greener pastures. It has already been more than 1.5 years since the artist stopped posting content on this platform. Right now, she lives a quiet, restful life away from YouTube fame. However, she occasionally engages with her followers and friends online. 

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