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What Happened to Jeff on ‘Unsellable Houses’?

Unsellable Houses is a show that fans cannot get enough of. After many months of debating whether or not another season of this fantastic, wholesome reality TV will be released, HGTV is finally back with 13 new Unsellable Houses episodes. 

It premiered on 10th September 2023. But, as fans were quick to notice, Jeff did not join the team this time. Why? We are here to answer this question today.

Who is Jeff on Unsellable Houses?

Jeff is not only a successful, almost-celebrity contractor but also the founder and president of JL Remodeling in Lynnwood, Washington. He was one of the prominent faces on the popular show ‘Unsellable Houses.’ 

He worked with the stars of the show, Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb, for the last three seasons as they explored, renovated, and recreated houses across diverse backdrops. He is married to Kelli and has four children, and they live together in Mill Creek, Washington.

As for Unsellable Houses, if you don’t know, it is a reality TV intuitive that solves the exact problem after which it is named – Davis and Lamb plan out the perfect way to bring lifeless homes back to their former glory and then put these plans into flawless execution.

The fourth season of Unsellable Houses from HGTV airs every Sunday Night from 8 pm EST/ 7 pm CST. Viewers can also stream the brand new content on Max.

Will Jeff Be on Season 4 of Unsellable Houses?

HGTV has come back alive on their Instagram and recently shared a clip with followers that showed a glimpse of the first episode of the new season. It came with a brand new introduction of the contractor who is replacing our beloved Jeff. 

Leslie and Lyndsay also took to social media to officially confirm his absence. They wrote: “Jeff will not be on this season. He’s focusing on growing his business, and we’re expanding ours with Lamb & Co. Renovation. I wish him and his company nothing but the best!” Still in disbelief, fans also headed to Jeff’s account, and he also had his own words in which to share the sad news on YouTube. 

After confirming that he was busy with new projects, he shared images from JL Cares, the non-profit initiative that recently commenced operations under his care.

Why is Jeff Stepping Down?

JL Cares is a non-profit organization that provides support to nurses, volunteers, older people, etc. 

It functions in the following way – people send nominations of those who have helped the community in any way by providing them with housing, food, education, social resources, etc. JL Cares then surprises them with free home repairs, improvements, and modulations that can make their life better.

Quoting the JL Cares website, “In that experience, we often have the opportunity to share the inspiring stories of the people we serve. We hope that these stories inspire generosity, kindness, and care in everyone who sees them!” Readers can visit the JL Cares website and read about the stories of thousands of such incredible souls every day.


Jeff has, therefore, chosen to direct his energy to the promotion of this business. He also wants to spend more time with his family and look into some technical learning that can promote his expertise further. 

But most of his time is definitely going into the expansion of JL Cares so that more and more individuals can receive help through this non-profit cum charity. He has urged all fans to come forward and become a part of this initiative as much as possible.

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