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What Happened to Jonathan Scott? Jonathan Scott fake accident

If you are into Canadian TV shows and love watching home renovation videos, there is no way you haven’t seen Property Brothers, and that is where we know Jonathan Scott from. 

He and his brother, Drew Scott, helped couples transform and build their dream spaces. Best known as the real estate brothers, they have helped build viral properties for various budget ranges. 

And recently, there has been some news of Jonathan Scott’s major accident, which is indeed terrifying to hear. Let’s get to know more. 

Who Is Jonathan Scott? 

He has been part of multiple shows that are shown on HGTV. He mainly works in the interior designing sphere and has been the talk of the town for a long time. That is not all; he has been a major player in the design industry and has been publishing his very own lifestyle coupled with design magazines. 

He is a film producer, illusionist, interior designer, and constructor, along with a famous personality on reality television. So, this guy has been one of the popular ones. 

What Happened To Jonathan Scott? 

If you have been watching the TV, you would have heard that Jonathan Scott was involved in a terrifying accident. Now, for all the fans of Property Brothers, it would probably mean that he was involved in some mishap that happened during one of his home renovation processes. 

There were indeed a few fans talking about it as well, but from what the news says, it was not valid. It was reported that Drew Scott’s brother, Jonathan Scott, passed away on 18th October because of a fatal car accident. Rumours were going around at that same time about an obituary date as well. 

But this was also found out to be fake news as nobody close to Jonathan Scott said anything. His girlfriend, Zooey Deschanel, and his brother were both silent about this, and that’s not expected from someone grieving. 

Some were initially very shocked that there was no reaction to the news, but then he posted on Instagram proving he was alive. 

One of his later posts was with his girlfriend, which indeed indicates he is doing well. He has also been putting up pictures from the promotional activities of HGTV shows. 

What Is Jonathan Scott Doing Now? 

Jonathan Scott is currently living in Toronto, Canada. He is currently busy with promotions for Celebrity IOU and HGTV shows. He also travels frequently between the US and Canada for both work and leisure. The Scott Brothers have properties in LA and Las Vegas, and Jonathan travels around a lot. 

Recently, he got engaged to Zooey Deschanel in August 2023, and Jonathan Scott shared a selfie from the big day. He mentioned, “Forever starts now!!!” in an Instagram post on the 14th of August announcing the news. 

Also, Property Brothers is back with its eighth season this year. They are working with teams of designers and renovators and battling it out on screen. So, now we know that Jonathan Scott is not only alive but also flourishing in multiple industries. 

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