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What Happened to Josh Owens: A Celeb Insider’s Account of the Daytona Speedway Tragedy

Reality TV is a big part of our lives and classics like The Moonshiners have not only affected pop culture but made a significant impact on the art of American storytelling. 

Josh Owens, who has made a huge impact on the minds of viewers who still hold this show in such high esteem, recently suffered an accident that has left everyone shocked! The player has a lot of talent and charisma that is widely appreciated by his fan base and even critics. 

Who Are The Moonshiners?

Focusing on a real-life topic evaluated closely through impeccable writing, The Moonshiners is a drama cum documentary on the life of the people who started producing illegal alcoholic beverages in the 1970s and still continue today. 

The show has aired for 12 seasons and a character born into the show itself is Josh Owen, the son of Jim Tom Hendrick (born on 28 August 1977). He is one of the central characters in the show today, along with his co-star Richard Landry. 

There has previously been a dispute between Magilla Entertainment (that produces the show) and the Virginia Department Of Alcoholic Beverage Control because the show brands itself as based on real events although the government claims any such activity in the area hasn’t taken place for decades. 

The Life Of Josh Owens

The life of Josh Owen is shown in great detail in Moonshiners TV show. Josh Owen grew up in great negligence and poverty, often sleeping under bridges until he was put on a team by Barney Barnwell. He is an adventurous and skilled brewer who isn’t afraid to take on challenges. He is also a motorcycle racer and ginseng hunter.

An Unfortunate Accident: Did Josh Suffer An Injury?

It is no surprise then that this isn’t the first time Josh has suffered motorcycle wounds. During the last month of 2021, Josh suffered a rotator cuff tear and sustained severe injuries by breaking his ribs, collarbones, and shoulder blades.

Once again, the legendary actor is hospitalized after meeting with an accident on the motorcycle racing tracks. On 4th March 2023, Owen crashed his bike during a race in New Smyrna. 

Josh was put on a ventilator initially. He has suffered fractures on his back, legs, arm, neck and shoulder. Around early July, Josh first reached out publicly about his injuries that he was in grave health and barely managed to pass the day. However, he was optimistic about his improvement and thanked everyone for being so nice to him.

Injury Updates: Will Josh Owen Be Back?

Although the progress is slow, Josh Owen is happy to be discharged from the hospital and is slowly recovering. He continued to post on Facebook about his improvement and how joyful it is to live life normally again. Josh is still not completely healed, but fans are speculating that he will be back hunting and riding as soon as he can!

Fans Stand In Support Of Josh Owen

Josh Owen has a strong community of fans supporting him. He has been showered with love and blessings online. A Facebook page recently came into existence, dedicated to Josh with fans communicating their love and words of encouragement. 

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