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What Happened to Matt Rife? Netflix Controversy Breakdown!

Matt Rife is a famous stand-up comedian who has been going viral all over the internet for the right – and several wrong – reasons.

His tall and handsome persona with a general knack for telling puns or performing satirical articles about pop culture, sexuality, and mental health made him a considerable sensation as soon as social media algorithms boosted him to the top of the virtual comedy world.

It seemed all was going well for Matt Rife when he got featured in the new Netflix show Natural Selection – so what happened to Matt Rife now, and what can he expect in the future?

Who Is Matt Rife: Matt Rife’s Career

Matt was born in September 1995 and had a relatively easy life in Columbus, Ohio. He started his journey with stand-up comedy at 15 and moved to LA at 17 to pursue it full-time. Matt also played American football at school.

The comedian has about 5 million Instagram followers and 14 million TikTok followers, which has helped bring his stand-up comedy journey to the forefront. 

But he isn’t just a jokester – the man has appeared on many shows such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Elevator, Death Link, and Fresh Off The Boat. He also hosted several seasons of Wild’ N Out on MTV. During the pandemic years, Rife also hosted the monthly performance Lowkey Outside with his friend Paul Elia.

Recent Controversy On Matt’s Comedy

Matt Rife blew up on TikTok and generated a significant following, majorly constituting a female audience. He became famous not only for his great committed timing but also for his attractive looks and acting skills, which started making rounds online.

Matt has indeed talked about struggling mentally with depression and anxiety disorder for the last few years. It seemed like things were going difficult for this golden boy.

However, he has recently been facing intense criticism for his insensitive jokes and for infamously saying, ‘My comedy is for the boys,’ which insinuates that ‘Comedy Content’ is somehow gendered and that the male population is automatically okay with content that is harmful to women, aged people and abuse victims. Some content creators online have also pointed out that Matt Rife has had secret plastic surgery that he is trying to hide from his viewers!

While all of these are opinions and speculations, he indeed told a story on his Netflix Special’ Natural Selection’ about a waitress with an abuse wound on her face, wondering out loud why the restaurant let customers see it. “Yeah, I feel like if she could cook, she wouldn’t have that black eye.” His way of apologizing for the ‘domestic violence’ joke was to post a link to a nonprofit dedicated to helping victims. 

Recently, another comment made by Matt Rife to a 6-year-old child is causing even the most robust fans to give up on him. In one of his stand-up specials, Matt makes fun of women who believe in astrology and calls them out for blaming ‘Jupiter,’ who has a ring when these women don’t. 

Six-year-old Aiden responded, “It is Saturn that has the rings, and you are mean to girls.” In a shocking turn of events, Matt Rife has told off this innocent child by saying, “Santa isn’t real. Your mom buys you presents from the money she makes on OnlyFans. Good Luck.” 

Whether pulling these tricks is getting this man the dream audience he wants is yet to be discovered. However, this is a short-sighted move for a public figure who has been made famous only by a following of dignified, independent women.

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