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What Happened to Meg Ryan? Is she making comeback?

When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless In Seattle, and You’ve Got Mail – every classic hit rom-com from the 90s has Meg Ryan written all over them. Her beautiful eyes, characteristic smile, and unique voice all made her stand out from other creators. 

But then, right in the middle of an outstanding career, she disappeared from the public eye. However, the good news is that the media always makes sure we know enough about Meg’s whereabouts and can eagerly hope for her return anytime soon. 

Stepping Away From Hollywood: Why Did She Do It?

Meg Ryan received diluted reactions in her 2000 thriller Proof Of Life – it might have been less due to her unassuming performance and more because of her secret affair with Russell Crowe coming to light, much to everyone’s dismay. 

She tried to win back the approval of her ex-fans and also own up to her decisions by starring in an erotic thriller, In The Cut in 2003. But Meg Ryan, just like many other actors and musicians around the world, had been typecasted as an innocent girl actress, and this bold decision was the nail in the coffin for her.

In 2019, she interviewed with The New York Times when she confided that she “didn’t feel like I knew enough anymore about myself or the world to reflect it as an actor. I felt isolated.” Ryan never completely disappeared from the Hollywood scene, however. Soon, she was back in her rightful place in 2015 as a director for “Ithaca.” During this time, Meg was also mother to her son Jack Quaid and daughter Daisy True Ryan. 

Meg had another big shock coming for her son sadly. Her decade-long on-and-off relationship and engagement with John Mellencamp came to an end in 2019, leaving her celebrating her 60th birthday in 2021 with friends and family instead.

Where Is Meg Ryan Today?

Ryan spends most of her time reading, hiking, gardening, and collecting antiques. In the same interview, she said she wanted to come back to Hollywood if there was something unique waiting for her.

She did find that “Great Project” soon in the form of the Netflix original A Lady’s Guide To Selling Out, which was announced in March 2022 with Meg Ryan as the director. Working once again in the rom-com genre that has always rewarded Ryan in the past, we can hope she will finally be able to heal her past wounds and work to do something that truly fulfills her.


Meg Ryan has been a star like no other. Not only was she extremely beautiful in all her performances, but she was also incredibly talented, skillful, and sincere in everything she did. While it is sad to see how her life choices seemed to turn so much against her, there is definitely a lesson to learn from all the things she went through and how flawlessly she managed to defeat the negativity surrounding her.

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