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What Happened to Storme Warren? Leaving the Highway!

In the world of radio and entertainment, familiar voices become a part of our daily routines. One such voice, Storme Warren, has been a cherished presence on The Highway at SiriusXM for years. However, on May 12, the airwaves were hit with the surprising news of Storme Warren bidding farewell to The Highway and leaving SiriusXM. Although on his own terms, this departure has left fans and colleagues taken aback. In this article, we delve into the details of Storme Warren’s unexpected exit from The Highway and the speculations surrounding his next career move.

Storme Warren Bids Farewell

Storme Warren’s departure from The Highway on May 12 sent shockwaves through the radio industry. This news is even more intriguing because Storme has not yet disclosed his next career move. This left listeners and industry insiders guessing about his career’s direction.

In a heartfelt Twitter message, Storme Warren expressed his gratitude for the incredible journey he had while hosting the morning show on The Highway. He extended his thanks to SiriusXM and the dedicated team at The Highway, the loyal fans, and the hardworking staff. This message conveyed a sense of closure to his tenure but raised more questions than it answered.

A Fond Farewell

In his Twitter message, Storme Warren remembered his time at SiriusXM with warmth and nostalgia. He reminisced about his great times while hosting the morning show and the profound sense of luck he felt for being a part of such an incredible journey.

What made his departure all the more unexpected was his heartfelt appreciation for the crowd. He thanked his listeners for placing their faith in him and his team, underscoring the strong bond he had developed with his audience over the years.

The surprise surrounding Storme’s exit from The Highway has not only left fans aback but has also fueled speculation about his career direction. Storme Warren’s announcement of his next venture, which he promised to reveal soon, has created a buzz in the entertainment industry.

Speculations and Anticipation

Storme Warren’s career has been synonymous with the world of country music, and his distinctive voice and engaging personality have made him a beloved figure in the industry. With his departure from The Highway, fans and industry insiders are eagerly awaiting his next move.

One can only speculate about the opportunities that might lie ahead for Storme Warren. Given his extensive experience and deep-rooted connection with country music, it’s plausible that he might explore avenues such as hosting a new radio show, podcast or even venturing into television.

Storme’s charisma and ability to connect with his audience suggest that he could take on roles in hosting and presenting, bringing his unique style and expertise to new platforms. His departure from The Highway has opened up a world of possibilities, and fans are curious about his chosen path.


In the ever-evolving landscape of radio and entertainment, the departure of a beloved personality like Storme Warren leaves a void that is not quickly filled. While his exit from The Highway and SiriusXM was unexpected, it has stirred up anticipation and excitement about his next career move.

Storme Warren’s heartfelt message of gratitude to his fans, colleagues, and the industry as a whole highlights the impact he has had during his tenure. As we eagerly await his next career move, one thing is sure: Storme Warren’s talent and passion will continue to shine in whatever path he chooses to tread.

In the world of country music and radio, the show must go on, and as Storme Warren takes his next steps, his loyal fanbase and the entire industry will be watching with bated breath to see where this beloved voice will lead us next. Until then, we remain tuned in, ready to follow his journey and celebrate his continued success in entertainment.

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