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What happened to Tommy Tuberville’s first wife?

If you are a sports fanatic and follow football religiously or keep up with American politics, you will already know about Tommy Tuberville. Born as Thomas Hawley Tuberville, he has worked as a football coach in colleges and is a famous politician. He was also a US senator in Alabama back in 2021. 

For those who do not know, Tommy Tuberville entered the holy union of marriage twice in his life. Let’s get to learn more. 

Tommy Tuberville Life And Career

Tommy was born in 1954 on the 18th of September. He showed immense dedication to football and started as a football coach at Hermitage High School in Arkansas. Then, he worked his way up to being a coach at Arkansas State University and eventually worked at the University of Miami and the University of Cincinnati. 

2017 Tommy Tuberville joined ESPN as a colour analyst for their football match coverage. Then, in 2019, Tommy Tuberville joined politics and started his campaign in Alabama. Then, he worked towards becoming a US senator when the coronavirus hit us unexpectedly. 

This slowed the process, but his campaign received a boost when President Trump endorsed it. He was seen as a Christian conservative, which helped him win numerous people’s support. He had been invested in the ‘Auburn Church of Christ’ and made several donations for generous causes like the therapeutic care of minors. 

Moving on, he also enjoyed playing golf and hosted several golf tournaments over time. Other than that, he is interested in fishing and hunting. 

What Happened To Tommy Tuberville’s First Wife? 

Tommy Tuberville married his first wife for the first time on the 19th of December, 1976. Her name is Vicki Lynn Harris, and she belongs to Camden in, Arkansas. 

He spent a few happy years, but the marriage did not last. They spent 15 years together, after which they filed for divorce. Nobody spoke about the reasons for their divorce, whether personal or otherwise. 

Tommy Tuberville then got married to Suzanne Fette in 1991. She was from Indiana, and the couple had two sons in the coming years, Troy and Tucker. 

Where Is Tommy Tuberville’s First Wife, Vicki Lynn Harris Now? 

We have not heard of Vicki Lynn Harris since the divorce from Tommy. However, Tommy went on to win campaigns with the assistance of Trump in 2020. He managed to get around 60 per cent of the votes, defeating Doug Jones in the process. 

Again, he was in the news in 2023 when the Washington Post published an article. They claimed that Tuberville was the reason behind the delay of military promotions. There was a controversy, and the promotion blockages were all lifted soon. 

On the other hand, Vicki Lynn Harris is off the news and lives a private life away from the cameras. 


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