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Robert Kennedy Jr.’s Voice Transformation: Unraveling the Mystery of Spasmodic Dysphonia

Robert F Kennedy perhaps talks more about his voice than about his aspirations as the Democratic presidential challenger. The strong and sturdy speaker with piercing eyes and well-known formal attire has been asked endless times – why is your voice like this? Now, that is an inspirational story that will make you look at the life of RFK Jr a little differently.

The Life And Career Of Robert Kennedy Junior

The 69-year-old 2024 presidential candidate Robert F Kennedy Jr is an environmental lawyer by profession. Kennedy has worked in the teaching profession and public campaigns as well. 

He is a protector of natural waterways and indigenous rights and advocates for renewable energy. He has recently caused an uproar in the medical community for spreading conspiracy theories about vaccination. He is the chairman of Children’s Health Defence, an organization that mistakenly believes in an anti-vaccine mindset.

The Sudden Change In RFK Jr’s Voice

RFK has revealed in an interview with Piers Morgan that talking actually helps improve his voice rather than deteriorate it. Actually, according to Robert F. Kennedy, the sharp pitch, warbling timbered noise that accompanies his voice is due to a neurological condition that is known as “spasmodic dysphonia.” He has revealed, “I had a very very strong voice until I was 42 years old. In 1996 I had an injury that caused a neurological disorder.”

The disorder impaired the nervous connection between the vocal cords and the brain, creating tiny specials that make the cords tighten up at all times. He noted, “it is not a tissue injury. My vocal cords are very very strong,” Kennedy revealed, adding, “I can talk 20 hours a day and my voice won’t wear out”. 

RFK is already on a journey of improvement, he has clarified. His wife, the actress Cheryl Hines, accompanied him to Kyoto, Japan, to get a surgery done that has helped him get a better command of his voice. Many alternative therapies have also been started, which makes RFK optimistic. 

Is There Any Treatment For Spasmodic Dysphonia?

The best treatment for spasmodic dysphonia is surgery, which RFK has recently had, although, unfortunately, there is almost no cure. Botox treatment is done in which the larynx is injected with botulinum toxin.

RFK has also talked about many alternative therapies.

Most commonly practiced is voice therapy, which lays gentle stress on the vocal cords so that they can perform a little better. Some experimental pharmaceutical options are also available, which have recently come into the market. 

Does RFK Jr. Like His New Voice?

RFK Jr is more affected by his voice than even his fans or critics are. He has revealed a number of times that he is listening to his voice, and that is why he avoids listening to the interviews he has given. 

He wants the condition to get better as soon as possible so that he can spend his life without the psychological pain of living with a voice he cannot recognize. 

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