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What happened to Brandon on the chi? Explained

Jason Mitchell played the role of Brandon Johnson in The Chi Fiction Show. Jason played most of his roles as side characters in movies like Contraband, Zola, and Scarborn. The actor received a lot of fame for his role in the 2015 biopic Straight Outta Compton. His role in The Chi was well-received, and he even managed to create a fan following for himself.

According to internal sources, the producers and directors of The Chi had to make the difficult decision of removing Brandon’s character from the show because they wanted to fire Jason Mitchell. Sources tell us that the reason for unemployment was several accounts of misconduct. If that is the case, it is unfortunate that Jason Mitchell continues to find employment in other movies and content.

Here is everything you need to know about what happened to Brandon Johnson on The Chi.

Know About The Chi 

The Chi is a web series/TV show with a mainly African American cast. Even though it is titled to be in the drama genre, the show is known to portray accurately and intensely the circumstances of people living in dangerous areas of the country.

The story involves the lives of different residents living in the dangerous region of South Chicago, who all become involved with each other once a reason for crimes, including a murder, takes place in the locality.

Brandon Johnson’s character is central to the mother and son’s life in most scenes in this coming-of-age show. However, he disappears after a while, and there is a lot of mystery surrounding the character’s death on the show.

Did Brandon Die on The Chi?

The Chi is a movie for adults. It very openly talks about marijuana, grief, and even sexual relationships. Therefore, the death of a character is expected to be as essential to the storyline as Brandon will be shown in a lot of detail and become an integral part of the plot.

Brandon Johnson was killed on The Chi Show between the seasons 2 and 3. In the beginning, this death implied everyone’s grieving and Brandon’s unavailability on the show. Then, the season 3 premiere starts with Brandon’s funeral, which is a closed casket event.

However, as the story progressed in season 3, most things started to revolve around this character’s death. A strained relationship between the mother and the son becomes the central aspect of the show in this season.

Who Killed Brandon on The Chi?

Brandon’s brother Coogie (a character played by Jahking Guillory) died on the streets of Chicago, something not very uncommon even in real life, sadly.

After multiple seasons, it was finally revealed who killed Brandon Johnson on the show. And this person turned out to be none other than Ronnie Davis. Ronnie seems to struggle with guilt and remorse secretly – once the killer is revealed, it becomes possible to return to the earlier episodes and find clues about what Ronnie did.

Once they found out information about the killer, the story started to lean towards revenge and changing relationship dynamics throughout the African American community of Chicago South.

Why Did Brandon Have To Die 

Jason Mitchell was removed from the show by Lena Waithe as well as his agency in the mayor of last year for sexual harassment allegations. Tiffany Boone, her co-star in the show, was the biggest victim of this behaviour. She was the one who ultimately publicly opened up to Fox 21 and declared that she would no longer be working with Jason Mitchell. This was when the allegations went public, and Showtime had to take action.

Jason Mitchell was fired simultaneously from his lead role in the movie Desperado. The agencies that initially worked with him, including Authentic Talent & Literary Management and United Talent Agency, have all severed tiles with Jason Mitchell, ending contracts with him now that he is an actor with multiple sexual harassment allegations.

One of his co-stars from a different production claimed, ‘ultimately everyone knows about his multiple HR cases’. Does it mean then that action was only finally taken because people started to notice? What if Jason has been behaving like this ever since the beginning of his career? Let us know what you think in the comment box below.

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