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What Happened to John Hickey Wnep

John Hickney is one of the most loved meteorologist anchors in the history of television. In the brief period of 4 years, he had amassed a considerable fan base and continues to have supporters who think of him almost every day. 

However, this unique personality, who is equally popular among adults as he is with kids, has suddenly left his position at WNEP, and no one knows why. Did John leave WNEP for good? Here is what we know according to the latest sources.

Know The Real John Hickey

The leading meteorologist, John Hickney, has been a study face at the WNEP for a while. He was also extremely popular for Skywatch 16, a weekly series dedicated to making astronomy and meteorology interesting for everyday audiences. 

John completed his BSc degree in Broadcast and Private Industry Meteorology from Northern Vermont University in Lyndon. John was not only a professional meteorologist who could present weather information accurately but also someone who could deliver this news in an attractive and educating fashion. When he would talk, his true passion for natural phenomena would become visible. 

The man started his journey with WNEP as a weather anchor in January of 2017, followed by his career with WCAX as a weather reporter and WENY News as a broadcast meteorologist. His characteristic smiling face and the cheeky outfit he sports with collared polo shirts and big goggles are sights that fans will not easily forget. 

In his private life, John happily shares his home with his wife Lindsay Hickey, with whom he got married in a private ceremony a few years ago, to be exact in May of 2020. John has also described himself as an outdoor lover numerous times in the past and has told his fans that he loves forecasting from his backyard. Apart from this, very little is indeed known about his personal life.

Is John Hickney Still on WNEP?

Every usual weeknight between 7:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. at WNEP, John Hickey airs, and WNEP2 does this at 10:00 p.m. But now things have changed! John has vanished from his role as the main speaker on WNEP, and very little is known about why this is so. 

According to rumors, John might have received a cancer diagnosis, but the meteorologist himself has preferred to keep the whole thing to himself and his closest family. Because his break took place after his marriage, some fans also maintained initially that he must have taken time off to give time to his new family.

While the exact details of his departure from WNEP are not clear at all, it can be seen that John is still tagged in almost every post about weather phenomena, especially Skywatch 16. Another reason why fans cannot conclude is that uncertain changes are made very often in meteorology as well as journalism, and this could just be one of them.

Final Words – When Will John Be Back?

As of now, there has yet to be an official communication about John leaving WNEP. New people have not been given his designation either, meaning the post is still officially held by John Hickey. 

However, this, unfortunately, also means that we need more information about whether or not John will be back on his command as a top science communicator for the country.

Knowing what we do about the rocky life of a journalist, and especially that of a meteorologist, we can all empathize with John facing some difficulties. He is a man with in-depth knowledge of meteorology, geography, astronomy, geology, and so much more – a whole bank of wealth that his fans will always benefit from. 

Even if he is not associated with Skywatch 16, we would love to have him create content for us on whatever platform possible, wouldn’t we?

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