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What Happened to RiceGum?

Bad things sometimes happen to good people, but how they deal with it becomes an inspiration for all.

Fans came to know about Ricegum and the heartbreaking experience that he and his partner went through. Recently, with the help of a video he released on 27th April 2023, he connected with his fans during this challenging time.

Fans are in tears looking at the bravery and intensity with which Ricegum and Ellerie live their lives. An unthinkably painful moment for them, this situation has brought a sense of solidarity to millions of other grieving parents across the world who have reached out to this young Couple to show their love and support and receive support in return as a part of a wholesome community of followers.

Ricegum, or Bryan Quang, is a YouTuber and rapper from America. He has 12 million subscribers, combining all his social media platforms. The internet celebrity is known for his humorous skits, gigs, and reviews of popular news and events across the world and on the internet.

He is currently with the love of his life, Ellerie Marie, a gorgeous young lady who has mesmerized fans with her online presence, both in appearance and charisma.

What Happened To Ricegum And His Partner?

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The video was titled “Baby Girl”. Ricegum took time to talk about the recent loss faced by him and Ellerie at the end of the pregnancy term when they gave birth to a stillborn child. The video received 2.5 million views, and fans reached out to express their condolences and even share their own stories about similar experiences. Ricegum wrote in the caption, “Ty for watching; I am sad.”

The YouTuber added his partner’s social media in the description box so fans could connect with her. The video revealed that it was at the threshold of 35 weeks that the Couple suddenly realized that the baby no longer had a heartbeat.

Surprisingly, no one knows why this was the case. As the Couple reveals, all genetic tests and blood tests came out fine, and yet they could not save their girl child. “She gave birth to the most perfect Angel,” Ricegum wrote, “the cutest baby girl with soft, chubby cheeks and a tiny button nose. She looked perfect, just like she was sleeping.” He added that she would have been here with us in only a few more weeks. 

Ellerie had to deliver the baby through induced labor to protect her health and give the unborn child a safe farewell.

Another caption adds, “We are still in tremendous shock. Our friends and family were beyond excited to welcome our baby. Instead, we are in deep pain and permanently scarred. Only time has passed through this tragedy. We could never get through this without each other.”

This was Ricegum and Ellerie’s first pregnancy.

Ricegum and Ellerie: Their Pregnancy Journey

Ellerie and Ricegum were overjoyed and did all they could to ensure their future baby would have a perfect life. Ellerie started learning about infants and young children and how to parent correctly. The video released by Ricegum shows she invested in a baby book and prepared early.

The Couple recently celebrated a gigantic baby shower with party decorations and teddy bears, keeping the theme innocent and touching. 

Indeed, the pain and injury both of them are going through is beyond comprehension for someone who is not in their shoes. Yet, fans continue to try their best to cheer them up and help them see the world as a place that can still do good for them in the future. 

Many fans have even taken to the comment section to recommend professionals, books, and therapy exercises to make the process easier during these challenging times. Our condolences reach out to the Couple, hoping for their healing and future happiness as parents.

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