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What Happened to Owen Wilson’s Nose: A Celebrity News Exclusive

Owen Wilson is considered iconic for his impressive dialogue ‘Wow’, uttered at least twice in every movie and TV show, and his characteristic nose. Owen Wilson is considered the epitome of masculinity, a man famous for his rugged face, beautiful smile, shiny golden hair, and nose that bends at the bridge. 

The actor recently played the role of Mobius in the web series Loki and starred in the film “The French Dispatch”. His comic timing and impeccable modelling skills have kept him in the centre of the Hollywood world even after years of his debut. 

How come this well-known actor happened to have such a unique, asymmetrical nose – Wilson recently revealed a unique history. 

Who Is Owen Wilson?

The 54-year-old actor Owen Cunningham Wilson is a movie and TV show actor, screenwriter, and producer known for his great performances as well as phenomenal jokes. He is a friend of the star director and producer Wes Anderson. 

Wilson was born on 18th November 1968 and started his career in 1994 with the short film Bottle Rocket. He has played essential characters in comedies like The Internship, Shanghai Noon, How Do You Know, and more. He is a member of the comedy group Frat Pack. Currently, he has three children, a peaceful family life, and an intention to star in different digital and traditional media projects. 

How Many Times Did Owen Wilson Break His Nose?

Owen Wilson has broken his nose twice, and both happened before he entered the world of stardom. Fans have always seen him with a misaligned nose, a distinct bend at the center of his nose bridge, and the tip of the office nose bending slightly towards the right from there. One of his nostrils appears to be bigger than the other. All of this started when he fought with a classmate as a teenager at St Mark’s High School in Dallas. 

Surprisingly, Owen was also expelled from the same High school during this time for stealing a teacher’s textbook and cheating with it on the exam. The second time, Wilson suffered a heavy collision on the football field while playing the game. 

The Gazette Review recently published a childhood photograph of Owen Wilson when his nose was intact. This black and white photograph showed him with an unassumingly straight nose and a bright, childish smile – it is safe to say that Wilson has retained his good looks effortlessly in spite of his accident. 

Some sources stated that the actor broke his nose a third time during a motorcycle accident, but when asked about it, Wilson neither confirmed nor denied this report. 

Will Wilson Get Plastic Surgery?

All Owen Wilson has said about his nose is that he is surprised by how many people are interested in discovering its secrets. He has also pointed out that several people throughout his life would tell him that his nose looks “kind of odd, disfigured”. 

Safe to say the “Zoolander” star loves the way his face looks and is not bothered by these comments. He last said in 2001 during a Los Angeles Times interview, “My nose wouldn’t have been that great even if it hadn’t been broken”. Of course, fans disagree with him on this wholeheartedly.

Despite all the rumours, Owen Wilson never really got any plastic surgery on his nose. He hasn’t made any attempts to make his nose look different throughout his career, and it can be safely said that nothing will change anytime soon.

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