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What Happened to Allen Lafferty? Is Allen Lafferty Still Alive?

In the annals of heartbreaking tales, the events of July 24, 1984, stand out as a stark reminder of the fragility of life. On that fateful day, what happened to Allen Lafferty became a narrative that would forever alter the course of his existence. The lifeless bodies of his wife, Brenda Wight, and daughter, Erica, greeted him—an unimaginable tragedy that was later revealed to be orchestrated by his brothers, Ron and Dan Lafferty, who believed they were acting on divine orders. What followed was a journey of profound grief, faith, and, ultimately, resilience for Allen Lafferty.

The Fateful Day in 1984

The ENews report from July 24, 1984, details the chilling discovery made by Allen Lafferty upon returning home from work. The shock and horror of finding his wife and daughter murdered is an indelible chapter in his life. The revelation that his brothers, Ron and Dan, were responsible for these heinous acts adds an unsettling layer to the tragedy. Motivated by what they believed were divine instructions, Ron killed Brenda, and Dan killed Erica, plunging the Lafferty family into a nightmare that seemed inconceivable.

Allen Lafferty’s Resilience

In the aftermath of this unthinkable tragedy, what happened to Allen Lafferty became the daunting task of rebuilding his shattered life. The loss of a spouse and child is a burden that few can comprehend, yet Allen demonstrated remarkable resilience. Coping with grief, he gradually navigated through the emotional turmoil, refusing to let the darkness consume him entirely.

Faith and Devotion

At the core of Allen Lafferty’s resilience is his unwavering commitment to the LDS Church. Despite the unimaginable circumstances he faced, his faith became a cornerstone in rebuilding his life. Regular attendance at congregations and dedication to the principles of the Church provided a stabilizing force, offering solace and a sense of purpose in the face of adversity.

Continuing Legacy

At 64 years old, what happened to Allen Lafferty stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of the human soul. His dedication to the LDS Church and active involvement in congregations illustrate a continued commitment to his faith. Despite the shadows of the past, he has forged a new path, carrying the memories of Brenda and Erica while embracing the possibilities of the present and future.


In the tapestry of Allen Lafferty’s life, tragedy wove a thread that, though painful, did not unravel the fabric of his being. The journey from devastation to rebuilding is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Allen Lafferty is alive and living in Utah, and his story serves as a source of inspiration, reminding us all that even in the darkest moments, there is the potential for light. In the face of unspeakable loss, there can be a path forward, and Allen Lafferty is living proof that the indomitable strength of the human spirit can prevail.

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