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What Happened To Gretchen Wilson After Grammy Glory?

Country music might be nothing short of a heritage for American fans, but that does not mean this genre is limited to the US. Creators like Gretchen Wilson have fans worldwide, especially after winning a Grammy for her spectacular Best Female Country Vocal Performance. 

It is true that her sudden emergence into superstar-level popularity slowly started to crumble as early as 2007. However, Wilson continued to make music and entertain fans without a break for ten years before she disappeared into obscurity. What happened to one of the most excellent country musicians of the 21st century? Let us find out.

Gretchen Wilson Life And Career

Gretchen Wilson was an attractive, vibrant Nashville star of the 2000s who made for herself a presence like no other creator in her time. She was known for being honest with the music and not trying to paint the perfect picture – in her award-winning Grammy release ‘Redneck Woman,’ Wilson talks about the regular hard-working woman who is working against the odds and holding up her career and her family all at once. 

Gretchen Wilson grew up in the tiny town of Pocahontas in Illinois. Her debut ‘Here for the Party’ topped National charge for over five weeks straight in 2004. The album ‘All Jacked Up’ reached the Pole on the Billboard 200 in 2013. 

What Happened To Gretchen Wilson?

According to sources, Gretchen Wilson suddenly shifted from the quiet country girl lifestyle to that of one of the most popular singers of her time, and this was something the artist was not ready for. Wilson had been waiting for her big break for a long time, but she was just unprepared for the attention she suddenly got.

For the next 12 years, Wilson was continuously busy making fan appearances, touring across the city, and creating music for one of the biggest record labels in the country. After a decade of performances, however, Wilson found herself more burnt out than it was possible to handle.

She decided not to feel guilty about her big time away from the spotlight. She healed her body and also spent time with her daughter. 

Where Is Wilson Now?

Wilson returned to the industry in 2017 and introduced the new album Ready to Get Rowdy on June 16th. It was quite a successful album and brought her back with a bang! During this time, she was still afraid of getting on stage and was waiting to reap the full extent of a comeback.

However, in 2018, Wilson got arrested for escalating a fight with another passenger on a commercial flight from Washington DC to Connecticut at the Bradley International Airport. A bond of 1000 USD was set on her. The timing of this arrest was so crucial that it brought her a significant setback. 

However, according to the singer herself, the headlines fans were regularly fed by tabloids was far from the truth. The charges were eventually dropped the same year, and Wilson agreed to contribute 500 USD to charity. 

Once again, in the year 2020, Gretchen got into a scuffle with the staff at Hotel Encanto in Las Cruces when they called the police on her for being too loud and not listening to the request made by the hotel for her and her husband to quieten down. The police investigated and found that what the star said about her being innocent was true – Wilson did not even talk to her husband much during this time and had her TV on, just like she seems to have told the staff. There was no sign of an argument.

Wilson still has to gain back her original popularity among fans now that she is being viewed from a different angle and her character is being questioned.

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