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What Happened To SkyDoesMinecraft?

If you are a Minecraft fan, there’s no way you haven’t heard of Adam Dahlberg, also known as SkyDoesMinecraft. He started to rise in popularity during the late 2010s and has been a prominent figure in the world of gaming content development. 

The best part is that he enjoys a loyal fanbase of 11 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. However, his popularity has gone through several ups and downs and has often left his fans wondering what has happened to him. 

And today, we are looking at some of the significant events in SkyDoesMinecraft’s life. So, without further ado, let’s jump in!

Branching Out Wasn’t A Great Decision

While it seems great to be skilled at many things, trying to become a jack of all trades isn’t always a good idea. And this stands true for SkyDoesMinecraft. During 2018, SkyDoesMinecraft shifted from making niche Minecraft content to trying other things on his YouTube channel “Sky Does Everything.”

He aimed not to restrict himself to just Minecraft and tried creating other compelling content for his audience. But, from the engagement that his range got, it is evident that his efforts could have been much better. 

SkyDoesMinecraft Gets Into Trouble

It was in January 2022 that Dahlberg was accused of abuse by his ex-girlfriend. He got pulled into the media scandal that followed this tweet, where Elizabeth, his ex-girlfriend, shared her experience of abuse she met at Dahlberg’s hands. 

She went further to claim that she isn’t the only victim and that many like her have been traumatized by what Adam Dahlberg did to them. Elizabeth’s statement spread like wildfire on the internet, and soon, other people came forward with their allegations of sexual harassment against him. 

A small search on the internet will show you how other content creators also came forward after this to claim that their interaction with Adam had been unprofessional and threatening. 

Some even went to the extent to claim that Adam was good at gaslighting them. 

Adam Dahlberg Goes Silent For A Year

These allegations are disturbing, and fans of SkyDoesMinecraft expected a response from him. Quite to their dismay, Adam did not respond to these charges and the allegations that some people leveled against him. 

Amidst all this chaos, he somehow chose to remain silent. And this silence made many of his fellow creators and his fans, mainly, feel disappointed in him. As the scandal spread more and more, Adam started to ignore his Twitter and YouTube channels and all other pages on social media. 

These allegations affected his career significantly, and his chances of working in the content industry only got thinner. However, many claim that he had gone underground because he was unable to handle the situation at hand. 

SkyDoesMinecraft Is On Sale?

Back in 2022, the channel “Sky Does Everything” was put up on a marketplace for selling and buying social media profiles for a whopping $8 million. This raised many eyebrows as people were concerned about the sale of a YouTube channel that is already monetized. 

Up until now, there is no clear indication of what’s going to happen with the channel, as it is clearly against YouTibe’s policy to do such a thing. Since the start of 2023, SkyDoesMinecraft has not been in the news. And it is still quite unclear if Adam Dahlberg is facing any legal repercussions for these serious allegations. 

But what we know for sure is that he is not returning to the public eye anytime soon. If you were waiting for his new Minecraft content to drop soon, you might have to wait a little longer.

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